New World - Castle 1991

Tracks: 1. New World (My America) / 2. When Love Breaks Down / 3. I Cant Be Wrong / 4. Lula Lula / 5. Heavens Gate / 6. Time Of The Season / 7. Moonday Morning Dance / 8. Blue / 9. Nights On Fire / 10. Losing You / 11. Alone In Paradise / 12. Knowing You / 13. Love Conquers All / 14. Hold My Hand AKA Lula Lula (*) / 15. When My Boat Comes In (*)


"New World" is a 1990 Zombies reunion album. The three original members Chris White, Hugh Grundy and Colin Blunstone reformed the band for a short period with keyboardist/guitarist Sebastian Santa Maria. Actually all five originals are featured on the album. Rod Argent plays his well-known keyboard lines on the re-make of "Time of the Season", and guitarist Paul Atkinson is also credited as "special guest"

Chris White was one of the two great songwriters in the original band, and here he has written three fine new songs; among them the title-track and one of the album's highlights, "Lula Lula". Lead vocalist Colin Blunstone only wrote very few songs to the band in the sixties, though the few he did write were very strong. Here he contributes no less than five songs, of which "Losing You" and "Alone in Paradise" are other highlights. New member Santa Maria also wrote material for the album, and his "I Can't Be Wrong" is another fine track.

The Zombies' sound was always clean and polished. This was originally one of their strengths. Today, when so much clean (sterile) pop-music is produced, this is not necessarily an advantage. Though, containing many fine well-produced pop-songs, the album suffers a little from sounding too nice. A few more rough ends here and there would have been refreshing.

This does not mean that the album is not worthwhile; far from it. Blunstone's vocals sound as strong as ever and the playing is impeccable

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