Brinsley Schwarz

Nervous on the Road - United Artists 1972

Tracks: 1. It's Been So Long / 2. Happy Doing What We're Doing / 3. Surrender to the Rhythm / 4. Don't Lose Your Grip on Love / 5. Nervous on the Road / 6. Feel a Little Funky / 7. I Like It Like That / 8. Brand New You, Brand New Me / 9. Home in My Hand / 10. Why, Why, Why, Why, Why


"Nervous on the Road" is a solid down to earth album by Brinsley Schwarz. The album breaks down genre of roughly equal parts of rock, country, blues and pop. Without quite reaching the heights of its predecessor, "Silver Gun", it is a satisfactory album with several good songs, most of them written by Nick Lowe.

You won't find classics a la "Peace, Love and Understanding", but the title-track "Nervous on the Road" and "Surrender To The Rhythm" are straightforward rockers as the group play them best.

The ballad "Do not Lose your Breath On Love" is among Lowe's best Brinsley Schwarz ballads. Ian Gomm wrote only one song for the album, the humorous Buddy Holly pastiche "It's Been So Long"

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