Nena - CBS 1983

Tracks: 1: Kino / 2: Indianer / 3: Vollmond / 4: Nur Getraumt / 5: Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan / 6: 99 Luftballons / 7: Zaubertrick / 8: Einmal Ist Keinmal / 9: Leuchtturm / 10: Ich Bleib' Im Bett / 11: Noch Einmal / 12: Satellitenstadt


Nena's 1983 debut album is probably mainly known for contain her big breakthrough single "99 Luftballons". However, this milestone is far from the only significant number from this, as a whole, very solid debut album.

Longtime concert favorites as "Nur geträumt", "Volmond" and "Leuchtturm" are other strong songs that have shown durability and which are titles Nena later chose to re-record in new exciting versions. Among the lesser-known track the opening track "Kino" is also worth noting.

Nena, who over time has evolved to become a very competent songwriter, are here credited for the lyrics of "Nur geträumt" and "Leuchtturm"; latter also as a composer.

A very fine debut album, which has a versatility and freshness that keeps it worth listening to still after more than 30 years.

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