Los Lobos

The Neighborhood - Slash 1990

Tracks: 1. Down on the Riverbed / 2. Emily / 3. I Walk Alone / 4. Angel Dance / 5. Little John of God / 6. Deep Dark Hole / 7. Georgia Slop / 8. I Can't Understand / 9. The Giving Tree / 10. Take My Hand / 11. Jenny's Got a Pony / 12. Be Still / 13. The Neighborhood


Los Lobos continue on "The Neighborhood" the artistic development, the group embarked on "How Will the Wolf Survive" and continued on "By The Light of the Moon." Like its predecessor, the album is characterized by strong songs written by David Hidalgo and Louis Perez. However, producer Larry Hirsch together with the group has created a sound that is both highly contemporary and respectful to the group's roots in the traditional Spanish Mexican.

Hidalgo's and Perez' songs are very varied and provides space for both the melodic and instrumental - all members are excellent musicians.

The band's love for the blues is highligted on "Down By the River Bed" where John Hiatt is to find in the chorus. Also "I Walk Alone" and "The Neighborhood" belong to the blues category.

The melodic and folk-inspired characterize strongest songs of the album, such as "Emily," "Take My Hand," "The Giving Tree" and not least the beautiful "Little John of God" where Levon Helm convincingly joins in with his vocals. Another favorite is the Lovin Spoonful-like "Deep Dark Hole".

A really great album on which actually only the group's cover of "Georgia Slop" disappoints

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