The Who

My Generation - Brunswick 1965

Tracks: 1. Out In the Street / 2. I Don't Mind / 3. Good's Gone / 4. La-La-La- Lies / 5. Much Too Much / 6. My Generation / 7. Kids Are Alright / 8. Please, Please, Please / 9. It's Not True / 10. I'm A Man / 11. Legal Matter / 12. Ox/ 13. Circles* /14. I Can't Explain* / 15. Bald Headed Woman * / 16. Daddy Rolling Stone* / 17. Leaving Here - Alternate Version * / 18. Lubie- Come Back Home * / 19. Shout And Shimmy * / 20. (Love Is Like) Heat Wave * / 21. Motoring * / 22. Anytime You Want Me * / 23. Anyhow Anywhere Anyway * / 24. Instant Party Mixture * / 25. I Don't Mind(Full Length Version) * / 26. Good's Gone- Full Length Version * / 27. My Generation- Instrumental Version * / 28. Anytime You Want Me- Cappelal Version) * / 29. A Legal Matter * / 30. My Generation


The remixed stereo version of the Who's debut album is simply a vast improvement; especially soundwise, compared to my old MGM version, which I always found annoyingly dull. Here you'll hear sounds and parts you never even knew were there. Crunchier guitar-sounds and clearer vocals. A few tracks misses some parts that were recorded directly into the original mono-tapes - that's why some original mono-versions are inluded on disc two. "My Generation" without the lead-guitar feels a little flat.

Though Pete Townshend obviously hasn't reached his heights as a songwriter at this point, his original songs outshine the cover-versions by miles. Pop-rock anthems like "The Kids Are Alright" and "My Generation" are of course classics, and "I Can't Explain", their first hit, has benefitted enormously from the remastering - great track.

Album tracks like "The Good's Gone", "La la la Lies", "It's Not True", "A Legal Matter" and "Circles" document the great versatility of Townshend's songwriting. It's no surprise that the Who were great musicians too - have a listen to Enthwistle's "The Ox" - like many other tracks featuring the legendary piano-player Nicky Hopkins.

Among the bonus-tracks you'll find all the early B-sides and alternate versions of various songs. I was especially thrilled with "Instant Party Mixture", which in a way also predicts the "Sell Out" theme.

When I sometimes forget how good they really were - this album will remind me. Fine booklet with lots of information written by Mike Shaw, Shel Talmy and Andy Neill.

Earlier comments:

The Who's 1965 debut is a real 1960's ( mod ) classic! 9 Pete Townshend originals; one band-composed instrumental and two James Brown covers, "Please, Please, Please" and "I Don`t Mind"

Townshend's skills for writing both melodic and catchy tunes are very obvious here on songs like "It's Not True", "The Good`s Gone" , "La la la Lies" , "Circles" and "Much Too Much" Standout tracks are the two classics "My Generation" and "The Kids Are All Right"; but "A Legal Matter", "It`s Not True" and "La La La Lies" are also favourites of mine.

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