Carole King

Music / Ode 1971

Tracks: 1. Brother, Brother / 2. "It's Going to Take Some Time / 3. Sweet Seasons / 4. Some Kind of Wonderful / 5. Surely / 6. Carry Your Load / 7. Music / 8. Song of Long Ago / 9. Brighter / 10. Growing Away from Me / 11. Too Much Rain / 12. Back to California


Without reaching the level of the previous two albums, "Tapestry" and "Writer", "Music" is still a fine album continuing the singer / songwriter thread founded on these two classic albums. The reason why "Music" never fully comes to match its predecessors, is not that the individual songs are not well written and good; yet on the other hand, too few of them manage to really make a lasting impression.

For me the best songs the subdued ballads "It's Gonna Take Some Time", "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Growing Away From Me" and "Song of Long Ago", where friend James Taylor plays a big role.

More rocking are the equally fine "Brighter" and "Back to California; the latter somewhat akin to "I Feel the Earth Move".

I guess this is what could be called the difficult follow-up to a classic.

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