Spencer Davis Group

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush - United Artists 1968

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Taking Out Time / 2. Every Little Thing / 3. Virginals Dream / 4. Looking Back / 5. Picture of Her / 6. Just Like Me / 7. Waltz for Caroline / 8. Possession + 4 Traffic tracks


Note that these comments refer to a CD compilation containg songs from several Spencer Davis records ( albums - singles )

The CD collection contains material recorded by Spencer Davis' 1967 line-up; after the Winwood brothers had left. Eddie Hardin on keyboards and vocals and Phil Sawyer on guitar and vocals were the new members.

The new band soon began recording new material for future singles and a new album; some songs eventually turned up on the soundtrack album "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" to which Stevie Winwood's Traffic also contributed a couple of songs.

Other 1967 recordings showed up on their 1968 album "With Their New Face on". By this time Phil Sawyer had already left the band, and it was decided to add new vocals to the tracks where Sawyer had sung the lead. This CD contains the original versions of these songs.

The opening track "Time Seller", which was also their first single is a typical 1967 psychedelia pop-piece; could have been Creation or Mike DÁbo's Manfred Mann.

The B-side "Don't Want You no More" is classical S.D. Group sound, and apart from the vocals you might mistake it for the original band.

The follow-up single "Mr Second Class" / "Sanity Inspector" is an even stronger release with both tracks having hit-potential. I epecially like "Sanity Inspector", which I again find very much sounding like Mike DÁbo. All four tracks were written by band-members Davis/Hardin.

The soundtrack songs are also a mixture of pscychedelia and R&B. Good recordings, but apart from Davis'and Sawyer's outstanding "Looking Back" not particularly memorable.

The previously unreleased version of "Feel Your Way" ( originally released on "With Their New face On" ) is another highlight - sounds a lot like the Yardbirds!

A great release of music from one of the most influential bands of the 1960's.

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