Move - Regal Zonophone 1968

Tracks: 1. Yellow Rainbow / 2. Kilroy Was Here / 3. The Lemon Tree / 4. Weekend / 5. Walk Upon The Water / 6. Flowers In The Rain / 7. Hey Grandma / 8. Useless Information / 9. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart / 10. The Girl Outside / 11. Fire Brigade / 12. Mist On A Monday Morning / 13. Cherry Blossom Clinic / 14. Night Of Fear (*) / 15. The Disturbance (*) / 16. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (*) / 17. Wave Your Flag And Stop The Rain (*) / 18. Vote For Me (*) / 19. The Disturbance (*) / 20. Fire Brigade (*) / 21. Second Class (*) / 22. Cherry Blossom Clinic (*) / 23. The Lemon Tree (*) / 24. Weekend (*) / 25. Flowers In The Rain (*) / 26. Useless Rain (*) / 27. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (*) / 28. The Girl Outside (*) / 29. Walk Upon The Water (*)


The Move were one of the most talented bands of the British pop-psych-era in the late 1960's. The original line-up only recorded one album along with a string of catchy and inventive singles during 1966-69.

The extended remastered version of the 1968 album contains some of the most interesting music of that era. Besides the the original 13 tracks of the album 22 extra tracks have been added - the early pre-album singles, and handful of outtakes, and newly created stereo mixes of most of the album tracks. To my ears they have never sounded better than on these newly remastered tracks.

The original album which was originally delayed several times contains their two big hits "Flowers in the Rain" and "Fire Brigade" along with at least 4 other potential hit-recordings; "Walk Upon the Water", "Yellow Rainbow", "The Lemon Tree" and "Useless Information" - all great orignal songs from guitarist and songwriter Roy Wood. Moreover it has three slower melodic; almost folky, tracks in "Kilroy Was Here", "Mist on a Monday Morning" and "The Girl Outside" - the first two really outstanding.

There is also the controversal "Cherry Blossom Clinic", was at a certain point was planned as their fourth single - but was dropped due to scandals in connections in the promotion of "Flowers in the Rain" - the band could not afford more scandals. The B-side "Vote for Me" was not even included on the album - fortunately it has now found its place on the album.

The least interesting tracks on the album are the three covers - "Hey Grandma", "Zing Went the String" and "Weekend" - though none of them are bad at all. The two early singles "Night of Fear" and "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" along with their B-sides are also found among the bonus-tracks - both great of course, as is the weird "Disturbance"

On the deluxe version CD 2 contains the alternate stereo mixes, along with the never before released outtake "Don't Throw Stones" - all great stuff in some cases markedly different from the mono-mixes. Later incarnations of the Move recorded 3 more albums and though they were all good in their own rights, none of them has the excitement of their debut. This is really a "Classic Improved"

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