The Doors

Morrison Hotel - Elektra 1970

Tracks: 1. Roadhouse Blues / 2. Waiting For The Sun / 3. You Make Me Real / 4. Peace Frog / 5. Blue Sunday / 6. Ship Of Fools / 7. Land Ho! / 8. The Spy / 9. Queen Of The Highway / 10. Indian Summer / 11. Maggie M'gill / 12. Talking Blues (*) / 13. Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, Takes 1-3) (*) / 14. Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, Take 6) (*) / 15. Carol (11/4/69) (*) / 16. Roadhouse Blues (11/5/69, Take 1) (*) / 17. Money Beats Soul (11/5/69) (*) / 18. Roadhouse Blues (11/5/69, Takes 13-15) (*) / 19. Peace Frog (False Starts & Dialogue) (*) / 20. The Spy (Version 2) (*) / 21. Queen Of The Highway (Jazz Version) (*)


"Morrison Hotel" is basically a blues rock album, without the inventive quirks which in varying degrees characterized the previous albums. Among the tracks that have the most obvious starting point in this genre "Peace Frog" (great intro) and "Roadhouse Blues" come out strongest , while tracks like "You Make me Real" and especially "Maggie M'Gill" are quite ordinary and unattractive.

y favorites are mainly to be found among the ballads. The fine appendix to "Peace Frog" "Blue Sunday" is a for the group a remarkably simple love song. Very evocative is "Indian Summer", which has some of the same magical atmosphere as "Riders in the Storm". A great song. "The Spy" is actually a simple blues, but the fine original guitar theme, helps making the song more than just this.

I believe that "Waiting for the Sun" is an outtake from the album of the same title. Somehow, it was decided to save the song two years before it was released. Maybe it was felt that it had too much in common with songs like "The Unknown Soldier" - in any case, the song is another highlights of "Morrison Hotel"

The bonus tracks must have been included for the benefit of hard-core Doors fans as they do not really add anything musically exciting to the album. Best and most interesting are the early versions of "The Spy" and "Queen of the Highway".

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