More Hits - Motown 1965

Tracks: 1. Ask Any Girl / 2. Nothing But Heartaches / 3. Mother Dear / 4. Stop! In the Name of Love / 5. Honey Boy / 6. Back in My Arms Again / 7. Whisper You Love Me Boy / 8. Only Time I'm Happy / 9. He Holds His Own / 10. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love / 11. Heartaches Don't Last Always / 12. I'm in Love Again


Though the big single-hits stand out - especially "Stop in the Name of Love" the album is really quite consistent. The songwriting team Holland/Dozier/Holland wrote all the songs which is obviously part of the reasons for its consistency, but the singing and playing is great throughout the album. Among the lesser-known album tracks "Who Coul Ever Doubt My Love", Heartaches Don't Last Always" and "I'm In Love Again" stand out. Tamla-Motown sound at its best .

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