Pink Floyd

More - EMI 1969

Tracks: 1. Cirrus Minor / 2. The Nile Song / 3. Crying Song / 4. Up The Khyber / 5. Green Is The Colour / 6. Cymbaline / 7. Party Sequence / 8. Main Theme / 9. Ibiza Bar / 10. More Blues / 11. Quicksilver / 12. A Spanish Piece / 13. Dramatic Theme


"More" from 1969 was Pink Floyd's third album and the first without the participation of founder member Syd Barrett. It's also a soundtrack album, and unfortunately a big part of the music is too clearly film-music; These instrumentals unfortunately pull down on the overall impression of the album that in many other ways is really strong and showing that a Waters ready to fill the space as the main songwriter after Barrett's departure.

It is worth noting that Dave Gilmour takes care of the lead vocals while Waters preferably is taking care of the song writing; which he does in a very convincing manner.

"Cirrus Minor" is "classic" Pink Floyd - a song that could easily have been from "A Saucerful of Secrets" - very evocative and a song you may remember from the early compilation album "Relics".

Apart from the strong heavy rocker "The Nile Song" and its equally powerful twin "Ibiza Bar" Waters songwriting is subdued and very folk-inspired, and "Crying Song", "Green is the Colour" and especially "Cymbaline" are all important songs in the Pink Floyd catalog.

Despite the seven instrumentals, this is an interesting chapter in Pink Floyd history and had the exciting and still unreleased "Seabirds" been included - perhaps Instead of one or two of instrumentals "More" might have achieved status as a real classic; As it is it is still great, and you can always skip the last four tracks; in any case a much more interesting album than the successors "Umma Gumma" and "Atom Heart Mother"

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