Monster - Dunhill 1969

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Monster/Suicide/America / 2. Draft Resister / 3. Power Play / 4. Move Over / 5. Fag / 6. What Would You Do / 7. From Here to There Eventually


"Monster" by Steppenwolf from 1969 was their fourth in just two years. The previous three had all been a great successes - both commercially and artistically, and there were obviously high expectations for "Monster". The album was clearly the most political group released, especially obvious on the long title track, which in an edited version also released as a single.

Unfortunately, the group seemed musically to be running out of ideas, although the title track, however, shows some of the grandeur that characterized the previous albums. The rest of the album is mediocre and somewhat repetitions of what the group had previously created.

Of course there are good elements, like the intro to "Power Play". This song was in fact a couple of years old already when they chose to record it. "From Here to There Eventually" also has glimpses of the melodic that group was known for, but the number remains somehow unresolved.

The soundwise it is the "old" Steppenwolf, and that respect the album live up to expectations - unfortunately the songwriting does not.

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