Francoise Hardy

Mon amie la rose - (1964 - Vogue FH 2)

Tracks: 1. Dans le monde entier / 2. Et meme (version 1) / 3. Je n'attends plus personne / 4. Je veux qu'il revienne / 5. La nuit est sur la ville / 6. Mon amie la rose / 7. Nous étions amies / 8. Pars / 9. Pas gentille / 10. Pourtant tu m'aimes / 11. Tu n'as qu'un mot a dire / 12. Tu ne dis rien


This was Francoise Hardy's 3 rd Vogue album, originally released in 1964. It has also been released with the title "Mon Amie La Rose". All Hardy's 1960's albums contain several fine recordings; and this album is no exception. In fact it may be one of the most consistent. Standouts are hit-song "Dans le Monde Entier" ( All Over the World ), the Phil Spector inspired tracks "Pourtant tu M?imes" and "Je N?ttends Plus Personne", the acoustic ballad "Pars", the elegant pop-tunes "Pas Gentile" and "Nous Etions Amies" and of course the "title track" "Mon Amie La Rose".

Hardy is an accomplished song-writer, and she wrote or co-wrote all tracks except "Mon Amie La Rose". Her acoustic guitar is audible on most tracks and the orchestration is mostly very discreet. There is a great releaxed feel to these early recordings and her slightly melancholy voice is moving.

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