Elvis Costello

Momofuko - Lost Highway 2008

Tracks: 1. No Hiding Place / 2. American Gangster Time / 3. Turpentine / 4. Harry Worth / 5. Drum And Bone / 6. Flutter And Wow / 7. Stella Hurt / 8. Mr. Feathers / 9. My Three Sons / 10. Song With Rose / 11. Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve / 12. Go Away


Elvis Costello’s 2008 album ”Momofuku” is really Costello back to basics. No refined arrangements, but simple basic rock/pop music which is really what Costello does best. The recordings were apparently done very quickly and the sound is often somewhat raw. But the sound really suits the songs, which are generally of high standards.

The first time I listened through the album, I was a bit disappointed, feeling that there really wasn’t anything new to find. Well, this may be so, but then there many great songs. Especially among the slower songs you really meet Costello at his best songwriting.

”Mr Feathers” is is great classic Costello type ballad, spiced up with a bit of psychedelia and some odd angles. ”Flutter and Wow” and ”Pardon Me Madam” and more bluesy songs but still both and melodic.

This brings me to the two standouts. ”Song With Rose” is a great mid-tempo song, with a great Byrds-type guitar riff. Fine female harmony vocals too. Costello at his very best.

The same could be said about ”My Three Sons” – the first song I fell i love with, and just had to get my guitar and play along with. Very moving lyrics, too.

Of course there is a handful of Costello rockers, that do not sound very different than the rockers on his first three albums. Most of them quite enjoyable. In fact a very enjoyable album overall.

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