Mixed Bag ( Hip Hip Hooray ) - Fontana 1969

Tracks: 1. Surprise Surprise / 2. Little Girl / 3. Maybe The Madman / 4. Off The Record / 5. We Waited For Someone / 6. There's Something About You / 7. You Can Cry If You Want To / 8. Say Darlin' / 9. Marbles And Some Gum /10. Purple Shades / 11. Heads Or Tails / 12. Hip Hip Hooray / 13. Lazy Weekend * / 14. Let´s Pull Together ' / 15. Young and Beautiful * / 16. Everything´s Funny * / 17. Feels Like a Woman * / 18. Listen to the Man * / 19. Queen of Sorrow * / 20. Strange Movies * / 21. I´m On Fire * / 22. ´s Down to Marianne * / 23. Hey Little Girl *


The "Mixed Bag" title was probably chosen as only 4 tracks were specifically recorded for the album. The other tracks were recent singles A's and B's.

Of the 4 new songs Reg Presley's two contributions "We Waited For Someone" and "Purple Shades" are very good. I especially like the first.

Guitarist Chris Britton wrote and sang the rocker "Heads or Tails" which does not not really sound like a Troggs song. "Off the Record" is the Troggs fooling in the studio and not really a song.

Of the singles the two Reg Presley ballads "You Can Cry if You Want to" and "Little Girl" are standouts and among the very best Troggs 1960's recordings.

The Britton B-sides "Say Darling" and "Maybe the Madman" are quite charming.

Ronnie Bond's ballad "There's Something About You" ( sung by himself ); sound like something that could have been recorded by the Walker Brothers or the Merseybeats. Quite nice, but not really Troggs music.

No less than 11 bonus tracks; all singles released from 1970-1973. During the early 1970's the Troggs were less high-profiled and their sound became gradually more and more mainstreamed, though Presley still was their prime song-writer. Among these singles the heavy "Feels Like a Woman" is really good.

The ballad "Listen to Man" somehow lacks the charm of their 1960's ballads, and appears too sentimental for my taste. Another ballad is "Queen of Sorrow" which works much better. Except for the vocals, "Strange Movies" almost sounds like late T.Rex. Another heavy track. After some of these heavy tracks, the commercial Reg Presley solo-single "'S Down to You Marianne" is quite uplifting.

If you like the Troggs, there is plenty to go for here!

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