Emitt Rhodes

Mirror - ABC / Dunhill 1972

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Birthday Lady / 2. Better Side Of Life / 3. My Love Is Strong / 4. Side We Seldom Show / 5. Mirror / 6. Really Wanted You / 7. Medley / 8. Love Will Stone You / 9. Golden Child Of God / 10. Take You Far Away


There is no denying that Emitt Rhodes' third album is something of a disappointment: especially if you compare it with his first two albums - the fine "The American Dream" and the excellent successor "Emitt Rhodes".

Rhodes was in 1971 under pressure with coming up with new songs and new recordings. "Mirror" is marked by the fact that Rhodes did not have the necessary time to come up with a worthy successor to the classic "Emitt Rhodes". Although the sound and instrumentation is very similar to its predecessor, the songs simply do not have the same high standards.

The album which has a pretty short playing contains less than a handful of songs that keep the standards of his 1970 album.

The few highlights include the McCartney inspired "Better Side of Life" and "We seldom Side Show".

The slighly funky title-track also is one of the better numbers. The absolute highlight is "Love Will Stone You" - which like most of Rhodes' recordings bears a very strong resemblance to the Beatles' sound.

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