Marshall Crenshaw

Miracle Of Science - Razor and Tie 1996

Tracks: 1. Soundbite / 2. What Do You Dream Of? / 3. Who Stole That Train / 4. Laughter / 5. Twenty-Five Forty-One / 6. Starless Summer Sky / 7. Only an Hour Ago / 8. Wonderous Place / 9. "In" Crowd / 10. Theme from "Flaregun" / 11. Seven Miles an Hour / 12. There and Back Again


This album was the seventh in Marshall Crenshaw's string of solid power-pop album. Released in 1996 after a 5 years break since his great "Life's Too Short" album, expectations were obviously high. Though probably not as consistent as its predecessor most fans will be satisfied with the album. The formula is more or less the same as on his earlier albums, a mixture of original rockers and ballads togethers with a couple cover-versions.

The opening-track "What Do You Dream Of?" is a very catchy tune and one of the highlights. Next songs that deserve to brought out are "Starless Summer Sky" - almost as catchy as the opener - and the quieter "Only an Hour Ago". His cover of the old and almost forgotten Billy Fury single "A Wondrous Place" is charming and another highlight.

The album closes off with another great Crenshaw original, "There and Back Again" - likely to make you want to go back and listen to the album again. A pleasant power-pop album with some nice guitar-playing and catchy songs to sing along with!

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