Jethro Tull

Minstrel in the Gallery - Chrysalis 1975

Tracks: 1. Minstrel in the Gallery / 2. Cold Wind to Valhalla / 3. Black Satin Dancer / 4. Requiem / 5. One White Duck/0=Nothing at All / 6. Baker St. Muse / 7. Grace / 8. Summerday Sands [*] / 9. March the Mad Scientist [*] / 10. Pan Dance / 11. Minstrel in the Gallery [Live][*] / 12. Cold Wind to Valhalla [Live][*]


Jethro Tull were very productive in the 1970`s. This 1975 album is among their finest of that period; and none are bad.The music can be difficult to give a narrow description; somewhere between progressive rock and folk.

Title track opens the album; it`s a good song, but maybe a bit too long. "Cold Wind to Valhalla" - is oaky too, though not particularly memorable.

For me the album first really starts with the terrific "One White Duck on The Wall" - great melody - beautiful guitar sounds. Then the "Baker St. Muse - suite" : Several great passages! especially "Mother England Reverie" ( One day I`ll be a minstrel in the gallery .. )

The first two bonus-track are also very good - great additions to a good album.

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