Aimee Mann

Mental Illness - Super Ego 2017

Tracks: 1. Goose Snow Cone / 2. Stuck In The Past / 3. You Never Loved Me / 4. Rollercoasters / 5. Lies Of Summer / 6. Patient Zero / 7. Good For Me / 8. Knock It Off / 9. Philly Sinks / 10. Simple Fix / 11. Poor Judge


"Aimee Manns latest album, "Mental Illness" is her hitherto most subdued; almost unplugged acoustic. There is a marked change compared to its predecessor "Charmer" from 2012 and in particular in relation to the album released as "The Both" with Ted Leo, which could be labelled as power-pop ala Foo Fighters or The Cardigans.

As always Aimee Manns excels with great songs; melodic with insightful lyrics, which usually have high durability. Two "singles" were pre-released; "Snow Goose Cone" and "Patient Zero". Logically these two belong among the most immediately catchy and will probably be favorites among many listeners. Besides these two I will also highlight the almost bare and piano accompanied "Poor Judge", which rounds the album off. Also outstanding is "Simple Fix", which is one of the few tracks featurings drums; would ne a nice choice for a third single.

Great to notice that the album has been very positively received, and that it has already been hailed as her best since the classic "Bachelor No. 2 "

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