Paul Revere & the Raiders

Goin' to Memphis - Columbia 1968

Tracks: 1. Boogaloo Down Broadway / 2. Every Man Needs a Woman / 3. My Way / 4. One Night Stand / 5. Soul Man / 6. Love You So / 7. I Don't Want Nobody / 8. I'm a Loser Too / 9. No Sad Songs / 10. Cry on My Shoulder / 11. Peace of Mind / 12. Goin' to Memphis / 13. Go Get It [*] / 14. How Can I Help You [*] / 15. Peace of Mind [Single][*]


Goin' to Memphis is in reality very much a Mark Lindsay solo album. Lindsay wrote half of the songs on the album, which was recorded in Memphis with a group of Memphis studio musicians and Chips Moman as the producer. Only one song, the single “Peace of Mind”, features the Raiders and producer Terry Melchior. Musically it’s an album where Lindsay explores his abilities as a soul singer, but even though he does have a strong soulful voice and the musicians are extremely professional, the whole thing never really manages to excite. Lindsay does not really add anything new to the cover versions, and his own songs more or less sound like something you’ve heard before – maybe the one good exception the “Raiders” song “Peace of Mind”.

It’s not really a bad album, but for a Paul Revere & the Raiders album it is rather disappointing.

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