Ocean Colour Scene

Mechanical Wonder - Island 2001

Tracks: 1. Up on the Downside / 2. In My Field / 3. Sail on My Boat / 4. Biggest Thing / 5. We Made It More / 6. Give Me a Letter / 7. Mechanical Wonder / 8. You Are Amazing / 9. If I Gave You My Heart / 10. Can't Get Back to the Baseline / 11. Something for Me


"Mechanical Wonder" is a very good album by OCS, though not their best ( that price goes to "Marchin` Already") it`s an album that ought not be neglected It has a terrific opener in "Up On the Downside" one of the most optimistic and rhythmical tunes they have recorded. "In My Field" and "Sail My Boat" are good tracks too.

The melancholy "The Biggest Thing" is a silent ballad, but not one of their best. Next track "We Made it More" is another ballad, but a much better song - a great track.

"Give Me a Letter" shows the boogie side of OCS, solid but quite forgettable.

The title track "Mechanical Wonder" is another highlight; a catchy and optimistic song and OCS when they`re at their best. "You Are Amazing" is a bit like "The Biggest Thing" - a lttle uninteresting. "If I Gave You My Heart" is a silent waltz; a beautiful recording.

The rocking "Can`t Get Back to the Baseline" is the closest they get to the sound of "Moseley Shoals" on this album.

The album is recommendable alone for songs like "Up On The Downside", "Sail on My Boat", "Mechanical Wonder" and "If I Gave You My Heart" - the rest of the album is just good and solid!

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