Maybe Tomorrow - Apple 1969

Tracks: 1. See-Saw Granpa / 2. Beautiful and Blue /3. Dear Angie / 4. Think About the Good Times / 5. Yesterday Ain't Coming Back / 6. Fisherman / 7. Maybe Tomorrow / 8. Sali Bloo / 9. Angelique / 10. I'm in Love / 11. They're Knocking Down Our Home / 12. I've Been Waiting / 13. No Escaping Your Love [*] / 14. Mrs. Jones[*] / 15. And Her Daddy's a Millionaire[*] / 16. Looking for My Baby[*]


I can't deny that I was very disappointed when I first received my copy of this album around 1993. Not that I expected a record superior to the Badfinger albums I knew at that time (in fact most of them!) - but I had hoped to discover at least one or two "new" good Pete Ham songs. Some of the songs I knew already from "The Magic Christian" and among them I really like/liked Tom's "Beautiful and Blue" and Pete's "They're Knocking Down Our Home".

My first impression of the album was that it very lightweight and actually 2-3 years behind its time. I still regard this album as a beginner's experiments; most of it pure sixties pop - not much pointing towards the great songs to come in the 70's. Of course as a true fan of Badfinger you give any Badfinger/related album several chances before you give them up - and naturally you always discover some great moments. For me these are "Sali Bloo" and "I've Been Waiting" along with the two already mentioned.

I think one of the problems with this album is that it's much too nice - very few rough ends - especially the vocals are often too cute. Another problem is the great variety in styles which gives an inconsistant impression of the album. The 4 bonus tracks don't help the general impression of the album - they fit nicely into it. It is obvious that Pete's and Tom's songwriting abilities have not fully developed at this point - but we know from "7 Park Avenue" that Pete had written several songs much superior to most of the material on this album.

My favourites: Beautiful and Blue, Sali Bloo, They're Knocking Down Our Home and I've Been Waiting

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