The Electric Prunes

Mass in F Minor - Reprise 1968

Tracks: 1. Kyrie Eleison / 2. Gloria / 3. Credo / 4. Sanctus / 5. Benedictus / 6. Agnus Dei


This third album from The Electric Prunes is something completely different than the group's first two - and trend-setting albums. Manager Dave Hassinger, who controlled most of what the group did, believed that it could provide them greater commercial success to make a collaboration with producer / composer David Axelrod, who worked with ideas about combining Gregorian church music with psychedelia.

The Group's original members only were given minimal influence on the recordings of this project, and they contribute only in a minor degree to the album.

The first number, "Kyrie Eleison", is clearly the album's most successful and possibly the track where you most clearly may recognize the group. After this the numbers Increasingly begin to sound alike, and in spite of the rather short playing-time, it is hard not to lose interest along the way.

A pity that this otherwise exciting group should break-up after this very period-piece project.

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