Marshall Crenshaw

Mary Jean - Warner Bros. 1987

Tracks: 1. This is Easy / 2. A Hundred Dollars / 3. Calling Out For Love / 4. Wild Abandon / 5. This Street / 6. Somebody Crying / 7. Mary Jean / 8. Steel Strings / 9. Till That Moment / 10. The Never Will Know


"Mary Jean" was power-rocker and rock'n roll reviver Marshall Crenshaw's fourth album. It was originally released in 1987, same year as the La Bamba movie, in which Crenshaw played the part of Buddy Holly and gave a terrific version of "Crying, Waiting, Hoping". In fact, this was the song that made me notice Crenshaw.

"Mary Jean" is probably one of Crenshaw's most consistent albums, featuring 9 Crenshaw originals and a cover of Peter Case's "Steel Strings".

Most tracks are upbeats catchy power-pop songs; and the opening track "This is Easy" sets the right mood from the beginning. A string of similar great tracks like "Calling Out For Love", "Somebody Crying", "Mary Jean" and "Till that Moment" follows. Only "A Hundred Dollars" and"Wild Abandon" disappoint.

The only ballad "They Will Never Know" closes a fine album. Besides being a prolific songwriter, Crenshaw is a fine singer and guitarist, and there is usually a lot to enjoy on his albums.

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