The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Markley a Group - Forward 1970

Tracks: 1, Booker T. & His Electric Shock / 2. Next Plane to the Sun / 3. Roger the Rocket Ship / 4. Elegant Ellen / 5. Little Ruby Rain / 6. Message for Miniature / 7. Sarah the Bad Spirit / 8. Truck Stop / 9. Zoom! Zoom! / 10. Sweet Lady Eleven / 11. The Magic Cat / 12. Outside/Inside


This last album from WCPAEB released in 1970 is often overlooked in the group's fine catalog of albums. This is obviously due to the fact that the group no longer released their music on the big well-established Reprise label, but also the strange title "Markley a Group" slÝrede gruppens identitet. In fact, this was the group's second album after the break with Reprise, but unlike the predecessor, "Where's My Daddy", multi-musician Michael Lloyd apparently again contributes as a full member of the group, whose coremembers were the Harris brothers Shaun and Danny as well as the outspoken and controversal lyricist Bob Markley whose lyrics at times may be difficult to cope with. Also the talented guitarist Ron Morgan supposedly contributes to the album.

The songwriting, which throughout their career was quite uneven and varied, it is here definitely on par with their fine Reprise albums. A slight difference, however, is that the crunchy guitar sound of The Byrds, which characterizes some of the group's most well-known songs such as "Transparent Day" and "The Smell of Incense", is less apparent or absent.

In addition to solid song writing, several songs have some humorous content; eg. the fine "Booker T and his Electric Shock", "Roger the Rocket Ship" and "Truck Stop".

"Next Plane to the Sun" is almost classical WCPAEB with fine vocal harmonies and a slight psychedelic touch. A couple of melodic ballads are "Elegant Ellen" and "Inside / Outside", on which Markley's lyrics with pedophile hints may irritate. "Little Ruby Rain" is a very nice acoustic thing, with a tasteful string arrangement by Michael Lloyd.

If you are a fan of the group, this album is definitely a "must have"

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