Francoise Hardy

Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp - Vogue 1967

Tracks: 1. C'Útait charmant / 2. Des ronds dans l'eau / 3. En vous aimant bien / 4. Il est trop loin / 5. Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux / 6. La fin de l'ÚtÚ / 7. Ma jeunesse fout le camp / 8. Mais il y a des soirs / 9. Mon amour adieu / 10. Qui peut dire / 11. Viens lÓ / 12 Voila


Francoise Hardy's sixth Vogue album "Ma Jeunesse fout le camp", originally released in 1967, may well be her least interesting 1960's release. Not that it's a bad album; her well-known appealing melancholy is all over it. It can be hard though, to distinguish several tracks from each other, and quite a few tracks suffer from too much orchestration; all in all making it her most main-stream pop-album.

Hardy only wrote about half of the songs, and in most cases her own songs stand out. Though the title track is quite nice, the first track that really woke me up was "Qui Peut Dire" which is the first track that allows electric guitar and drums to come forward; written by Hardy and the only track produced by her husband Jacques Dutronc. Another stand-out is her own "Mais il y a des soirs", in spite of quite heavy strings. "Voila" is another memorable track; a melody and an arrangement that would have fitted the early Dusty Springfield perfectly. A good album; nothing more.

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