Aimee Mann

Magnolia - Reprise 1999

Tracks: 1. One / 2. Momentum / 3. Build That Wall / 4. Deathly / 5. Driving Sideways / 6. You Do / 7 Nothing is Good Enough / 8. Wise Up / 9. Save Me + 2 Supertramp songs


Soundtrack albums are often quite uneven, as different artists and genres may be mixed more or less at random on the CDís. "Magnolia" stands out positively by being an almost exclusively Aimee Mann release. Only two of the last tracks are Supertramp songs which on the CD come out a little misplaced, though both are good on their own right. Not least, "Logical Song", which both musically and lyrically belong among the best of what the group has released.

Five of Aimee Mann's strongest songs on "Magnolia" are also found on her highly acclaimed album from 2000 "Bachelor No. 2 " and if you have already acquired that album, there is really not so much" new "to pick up on this CD. Most interesting are the fine melodic "Build att Wall" and Mann's version of Harry Nilssons "One". Instrumentals "Nothing is Good Enough" and "Magnolia" are slighly uninteresting while I find the jazzy "Momentum" a little weak, "Deathly," "Wise Up" and "Save Me" (all repeats of "The Bachelor") are Mann classics with great durability. "You Do" in the lighter department is definitely also a fine and catchy song. The gently rolling end "Driving Sideways" is also quite nice.

But again, having already acquired "Bachelor No. 2 " you should probably be a "all in Mann-fan " to purchase" Magnolia " too; then if you do, you will be awarded "Build att Wall", which to me was the biggest pleasant surprise at first listen.

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