Lana del Rey

Lust for Life - Polydor 2017

Tracks: 1. Love / 2. Lust for Life / 3. 13 Beaches / 4. Cherry / 5. White Mustang / 6. Summer Bummer / 7. Groupie Love / 8. In My Feelings / 9. Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind / 10. God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women in It / 11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing / 12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems / 13. Tomorrow Never Came / 14. Heroin / 15. Change / 16. Get Free


After the somewhat disappointing "Honeymoon" album from 2015, Lana del Rey seems to have refound the inspiration that made "Born to Die", ”Paradise” and to some extent "Ultraviolence" great original new-classics.

On a handful of tracks del Rey is supported by friends who vocally appear side by side with Lana. Most of these are actually quite successful, though I’m personally not so excited about the two tracks featuring rappers.

On the title track is a catchy and fairly commercial number featuring "The Weeknd". I would, however, say that the two songs with guest performances that stand out are "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems" which is really lifted when Stevie Nicks's deep and powerful vocal pops up. Just like there is a pleasant Beatles feeling over "Tomorrow Never Came", which features Sean Lennon.

The most powerful song, though, is the great single "Love" which matches the best of "Born to Die" and "Paradise". Other strong tracks are "13 Beaches", "White Mustangs", "In My Feelings", "Coachella" and "Good Bless America, and all the Beautiful Women in it" (with surprising a acoustic guitar). "Get Free" is also a nice song, which may have borrowed a little too much from Radiohead's "Creep".

"Lust for Life" with its 16 tracks is a quite long album, which may take some time to get an overview of.

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