The Searchers

Play For Today/Love's Melodies - Sire 1980

Tracks: 1. Another Night / 2. September Gurls / 3. Murder In My Heart / 4. She's Made a Fool of You / 5. Silver / 6. Sick And Tired (re-make) / 7. Radio Romance / 8. Infatuation / 9. Almost Saturday Night / 10. Everything But a Heartbeat / 11. Little Bit of Heaven / 12. You Are the New Day


The 1980 album "Love`s Melodies" is an even more consistent album than the first Sire album, containing great tracks like the title track, "Infatuation", "Almost Saturday Night", "Radio Romance", "September Gurls" and "Changing"; in fact there were no weak tracks on that album.

The Searchers were always good songwiters themselves. And contrubuted original to both Sire albums Other songwriters on the CD are Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Tom Petty, Mickey Jupp, Randy Bishop, John Fogerty, John David, Will Birch and others.

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