Suzanne Vega

Lover, Beloved - Perpetual Sounds 2016

Tracks: 1. Carson's Blues / 2.New York Is My Destination / 3. Instant of the Hour After / 4. We of Me / 5. Annemarie / 6. 12 Mortal Men / 7. Harper Lee / 8. Lover, Beloved / 9. The Ballad of Miss Amelia / 10. Carson's Last Supper


Exciting Thematic album with Unexpected Jazzy twists.

Suzanne Vegas 2016 album "Lover, Beloved" are studio recordings of the songs from her play “Carson McCullers Talks About Love”. Most of the music is written in collaboration with singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik, and part of the numbers are quite different from the usual Vegas folk-rock deposits. Some songs are written in a blues / jazz style to better frame McCullers’ time 1917-67. Normally I'm not so fond of jazz and prefer this

music in small doses. It works fine for this album, although my favorites mostly are the song similar to Vegas usual style. Eg. "We of Me" is track that could easily have fit into Vegas excellent 2014 album "Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles". The song is quite catchy and could do just fine as a single – my favourite on the album. "Carson's Last Supper" is not essentially different from classical Vega, and also a musical highlight . Beautiful and moving is ”Annemarie” and although the opening track "Carson's Blues" is rather jazz-influenced it has also become a favorite.

Lyrically it's an exciting album where Vega assumes to be the voice of McCullers, who, as mentioned on the cover, has been an inspiration for Vega since her teens.

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