Love - Elektra 1966

Tracks: 1. My Little Red Book / 2. Can't Explain / 3. Message To A Pretty /4. My Flash On You /5. Softly To Me /6. No Matter What You Do /7. Emotions /8. You'll Be Following / 9. Gazing / 10. Hey Joe / 11. Signed D.C. / 12. Colored Balls Falling /13. Mushroom Clouds / 14. And More


Love first album from 1966 has often been overlooked because of the extraordinary greatness of the two following albums "Da Capo" and "Forever Changes". The general sound on the album is rougher than on the following albums. But the album is actually a fine mixture of hard-rocking tunes and melodic ballads.

"My Little Red Book" , which was a minor hit-single, is probably the best known track and also one of the highlights. Among the ballads Arthur Lee's "A Message to Pretty" is outstanding and Bryan MacLean's "Softly to Me" indicates what great tunes would come from him later. "Mushroom Clouds" is also a fine tune.

Among the harder rocking tracks "No Matter What You Do", in spite of its rough production, is both cathcy and moving. The acoustic early version of "Signed DC" is simply moving.

The B-side bonus track "Number 14" is a nice addition to the album, and the alternate version of "Signed DC" is great!

Though the album is not as consistent as the following albums, tracks like "My Little Red Book", "A Message to Pretty" and "No Matter What You Do" would have fitted nicely into the "Da Capo" album. A great album that deserves recognition as one of the best albums of 1966, alongside their inspirators' ( the Byrds ) album "Fifth Dimension". Especially the bass-lines are often reminiscent of the early Byrds sound.

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