Love Child - Motown 1968

Tracks: 1. Love Child / 2. Keep An Eye / 3. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone / 4. Does Your Mama Know About Me / 5. Honey Bee / 6. Some Things You Never Get Used To / 7. He's My Sunny Boy / 8. You've Been So Wonderful To Me / 9. Chains Of Love / 10. You Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin' / 11. I'll Set You Free / 12. Can't Shake It Loose


"Love Child" was released in 1968 as "Diana Ross and the Supremes". And again it's the hits that stand out, though there are some very nice album-tracks, too.

With "Love Child" there was a slight musical change towards more main-stream pop. No song-contributions from "Holland/Dozier/Holland", but still a lot of fine material. The title track is one of the finest recordings of all times to be released in the Supremes name and the other single "Some Thing You'' Never Get Used to" is also great. Among the album tracks the Ashford/Simpson song "You Ain't Livin You're Lovin*" stand out. I guess this could have been a hit too, had it been released on a single.

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