Leonard Cohen

Songs of Love and Hate - Columbia 1971

Tracks: Tracks:1. Avalanche / 2. Last Year's Man / 3. Dress Rehearsal Rag / 4. Diamonds In The Mine / 5. Love Calls You By Your Name / 6. Famous Blue Raincoat / 7. Sing Another Song, Boys / 8. Joan Of Arc


”Songs of Love and Hate” was Cohen’s third album, and in some countries it was commercially quite succesful. The album is also often regarded as one of his very best.

Lyrically Cohen is always exciting , which is very much applies to this album, which is both sinister and very personal. Musically, I think , in turn, he has released significantly more interesting albums .

You will find some of Cohen's best-loved songs , like "Famous Blue Raincoat ," "Joan of Arch" and "Last Year's Man", you 'll also find a couple of anonymous tracks like "Love Calls You By Your Name" and "Avalanche" ( musically ) . "Dress Rehearsal Man" is really in its basic form very simple and typical of the early Cohen, but the ghostly female choir that comes in towards the end of the song , lift song from anonymity . "Diamonds in the Mine" has somewhat cynical lyrics, but also a rather catchy and upbeat tune. The two outstandig songs , however, are "Famous Blue Raincoat ," "Joan of Arch" , with its sad and moving lyrics.

The live song "Sing another song Boys" sounds a lot like "So Long Marianne" with no chorus. A fine album , but probably somewhat overrated, especially compared to some of the other excellent Cohen albums.

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