Love - Apple 2006

Tracks:1. Because / 2 Get Back / 3. Glass Onion / 4. Eleanor Rigby-Julia (Transistion) / 5. I Am The Walrus / 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand / 7. Drive My Car-The Word-What You're Doing / 8. Gnik Nus / 9. Something- Blue Jay Way (Transistion) / 10. Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite-I Want You-Helter Skelter / 11. Help / 12. Blackbird-Yesterday / 13. Strawberry Fields Forever / 14. Within You Without You-Tomorrow Never Knows / 15. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / 16. Octopus's Garden / 17. Lady Madonna / 18. Here Comes The Sun-The Inner Light' (Transition) / 19. Come Together-Dear Prudence-Cry Baby Cry (Transition) / 20 Revolution / 21. Back In The USSR / 22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps / 23. A Day In The Life / 24. Hey Jude / 25. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / 26. All You Need Is Love


Across the Beatles Universe.

Though there is no new material on this new CD, George and Giles Martinīs remixing and new blending of Beatles material is really an exiting journey through all stages of the bandīs career.

The new remastering have made the music sound crisp and clear and the Martinsī new “arrangements” of the songs has given the music a new and exciting feel.

A few passages may have a little “Stars of 45” to them, but generally itīs a pleasure to listen the Beatles' music in a new way.

Itīs about time all the Beatles original albums are remastered, because playing one of their CD releases of the 1990īs after this new album is bound to be a dull experience ( soundwise ) - because this new CD can in no way replace the original versions.

It really doesnīt make sense to bring out any specific tracks as the album is very much meant to be listened to as a whole - I can help thinking what a magnificent movie ( with original Beatles footage and videos ) could be made with this album.

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