Lou Reed

Lou Reed - RCA 1972

Tracks: 1. I Can't Stand It / 2. Going Down / 3. Walk And Talk It / 4. Lisa Says / 5. Berlin / 6. I Love You / 7. Wild Child / 8. Love Makes You Feel / 9. Ride Into The Sun / 10. Ocean


Lou Reed's first solo album was released in early 1972. Reed had temporarily retired from recording for a year's time after his departure from the Velvet Underground in 1970. Several of the songs on his first album are songs that were originally recorded by the Velvets; in fact most of the strongest material on this album is old Velvet material.

Unfortunately more of the "new" songs are not quite up to the high standards of his Velvet Underground material. "Going Down" , "I Love You" and "Love Makes You Feel" are a pleasant exceptions, and along with "Lisa Says" and "Ocean" these are the highlights of the album.

The two latter tracks can also be found on the great Velvet Underground Box-set "Peel Slowly and See" - actually these early versions are superior to Lou Reed's solo efforts.

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