Aimee Mann

Lost in Space - Super Ego 2002

Tracks: 1. Humpty Dumpty / 2. High on Sunday 51 / 3. Lost in Space / 4. This Is How It Goes / 5. Guys Like Me / 6. Pavlov's Bell / 7. Real Bad News / 8. Invisible Ink / 8. Today's the Day / 9. The Moth / 10. It's Not / 11. Nightmare Girl* / 12. Backfire* / 13. Fighting the Stall* / 14. Observatory*


"Lost in Space" 2002 was the successor of the highly successful and critically acclaimed album "Bachelor No. 2 ". A difficult album to live up to, but fortunately "Lost in Space" does the trick and should not leave anyone disappointed. Through a collection of strong and well-produced songs Aimee Mann delivers one more album that should not be overlooked.

Both as a vocalist and songwriter Aimee Mann is eminent, and several of the tracks here are among her very best.

Two quite different singles were selected from "Lost in Space". "Humpty Dumpty", the opening number, is a song which in every way is both beautiful and moving. Incredibly great melody very well constructed and produced - all skeptics here should surrender. "Pavlov's Bell" is probably a more obvious choice for a single - very catchy and more pompously put together. Also a fine song.

As on most Mann albums, there's hardly a song to ignore/ throw away, and even the less significant tracks win on closer acquaintance. Consequently it may be difficult to highlight individual songs.

A song like "Invisible Ink", though, is completely impossible to pass over in silence. A gorgeous song with moving and thought-provoking lyrics - also the longest track on the album. "The Moth" is another song that should be highlighted; musically in the lighter folkish end also with intelligent thoughtprovoking lyrics; a song that has often been part of Mann's live repertoire.

Another Mann album noone should miss out.

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