Long Gone Before Daylight - Stockholm Records / Universal Music 2003

Tracks: 1. Communication / 2. You're The storm / 3. A Good Horse / 4. And Then You Kissed Me / 5. Couldn't Care Less / 6. Please Sister / 7. For What It's Worth / 8. Lead Me Into The Night / 9. Live and Learn / 10. Feathers And Down / 11. 03.45: No Sleep / 12. Hold Me (Mini Version) / 13. If There is a Chance / 14. For The Boys


I first really noticed The Cardigans one day in my car. I found a channel playing a song, which I thought must be a new Sheryl Crow single. I was very surprised when the DJ announced that it was The Cardigans. I don't remember which song it was, but I knew I had to buy one of their CD's to check out a whole album. At the time the only Cardigan song I knew was "My Favorite Game", and I had thought they were a pure light-weight pop-act.

I chose to buy "Long Before Daylight", and I could not have made a better choice. Great songs, great playing, great productions, fine lyrics and a terrific versatile singer in Nina Persson. This band had really matured since "My Favorite Game". Anyone who likes Sheryl Crow will like this album too.

Opening with the ballad "Communication" the high standards are set right from the start. The up-beat "You're the Storm" is equally strong.

"A Good Horse" could have been the song I mistook for Sheryl Crow.

"The acoustic "And Then You Kissed Me" is simply beautiful - a song that would also suit Lisa Ekdahl.

The airy "Couldn't Care Less" is my least favourite on the album - maybe it needs some more time.

"Please Sister" is another highlight - a little like Roxette; when they're at their best!

The hit-single "For What it's Worth" is simply a catchy pop-tune; and a great one of its kind.

The hymnal quiet ballad "Lead Me into the Night" is another beautiful melody.

The melodic pop-rocker "Live and Learn" is just irresistible. One of my present favourites!

The final two tracks are both lyrically very moving. "Feathers and Downs" is a magnificent ballad. The final track "03.45: No Sleep" is a very logical choice for closing the album; describing strong feelings that may come to you on a sleepless night. Mellow and still very catchy - a highlight!

This album must be "The Album of the Year 2003"!! At least I'll give it my vote!

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