George Harrison

Living in the Material World - Apple 1973

Tracks: 1. Give Me Love / 2. Sue Me, Sue You Blues / 3. The Light That Has Lighted The World / 4. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long / 5. Who Can See it / 6. Living In The Material World / 7. The Lord Loves The One / 8. Be Here Now / 9. Try Some Buy Some / 10. The Day The Word Gets 'round / 11. That Is All / 12. Deep Blue (*) / 13. Miss O'Dell (*)


"Living in th Material World" was George Harrison's follow-up album to his great "All Things Must Pass". Harrison is to some extent associated with fairly introvert and often not so easily accessible music and this image may fit pretty well to this album. Two numbers stand out by being both uplifting and melodically catchy. "Give Me Love" was a well-deserved big single hit of 1973, which the album as a whole also was. "Do not Let Me Wait Too Long" is just as catchy and was also planned as a sequel to "Give Me Love", but the release never took place; incomprehensible.

Otherwise, the album is mostly characterized by ballads with thoughtful and often religious themes. The strongest among these are "The Light that Lighted the World" and the musically very complex "Try Some, Buy Some". Two tracks, "Sue Me, Sue You Blues" and "The Lord Loves the One", also stand out with and having distinct Beatles characteristics.

The two bonus tracks are B-sides from the period, especially the "Deep Blue" is a fine addition to the album, while "Miss O'Dell" shows Harrison from a relaxed and unpretentious side.

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