Mike DÁbo

Little Miss Understood: Mike d'Abo Collection, Vol. 2 - RPM 2003

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Rachel's Place / 2. Belinda / 3. Poor Man's Son / 4. You Are the Singer / 5. Fuel to Burn / 6. Broken Rainbows / 7. Last Match / 8. Sittin' on a Wood Floor / 9. Papa Didn't Tell Me / 10. My Load / 11. Salvation Song / 12. My Life / 13. Little Miss Understood / 14. Battlefield / 15. Stardust Serenade / 16. Happy / 17. Runnin' Away from Love / 18. Two Worlds / 19. Ray of Sunshine / 20. Rockin' Chair / 21. Tomorrow on My Mind


This Mike DÁbo compilation covers his 1972-1976 period, which comprises 3 albums and some singles. His finest album "Down at Rachel's Place" is here in its entirety, though the songs have been split into 3 parts.

1974's "Broken Rainbows" is also well-represented with 6 tracks of which "Broken Rainbows", "The Last Match" and "Papa Didn't Tell Me" are really great. "Broken Rainbows" sound a lot like a Band recording ( R. Robertson's )

In 1976 D'Abo released an together with Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five. The music was generally more mainstream pop, but of the 5 tracks included here especially "Two Worlds" and "Happy" are well-chosen.

Mike DÁbo is a fine songwriter who has written many near-classics in his time. As a singer I always thought him the by far most varied and interesting of all Manfred Mann lead-singers. If you like Manfred Mann group of 1966-68 there will be plenty of songs to go for here.

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