Flash and the Pan

Lights in the Night - Epic 1980

Tracks: 1. Media Man / 2. Headhunter / 3. Restless / 4. Welcome to the Universe / 5. Make Your Own Cross / 6. Lights in the Night / 7. Captain Beware / 87. Atlantis Calling / 9. Early Morning Wake Up Call* / 10. Ayla*/ 11. Where Were You* / 12. Midnight Man* / 13. Media Man (single)*


As it goes for several of Flash and the Pan's other albums "Lights in the Night" can only be regareded as a neglected masterpiece. The album, which was the group's ( actually a duo) second, was originally released in 1980 after the somewhat unexpected commercial success with their debut album and the singles "Hey St. Peter" and "Down Among the Dead Men".

The high standards of the debut album are continued here on the sequel, on which no numbers fall through or seem insignificant. The characteristics of the band, good melodic songs, intelligent lyrics and varied arrangements are prevalent throughout the album.

Several numbers have obvious hit potential, so it is surprising that none managed to follow up the successes from the first album. Especially "Media Man" seems tailor-made for the charts.

The numbers are generally longer than on the debut album, but apart from perhaps "Welcome to the Universe" they never come out longwinded. Rather, the listener is greatly entertained throughout.

The closing track "Atlantis Calling" continues in the same thread as "Down Among the Dead Men" to revive an old myth - initially Titanic and this time that of Atlantis.

The impressionistic narrative style of "Walking in the Rain" is continued here on the title song "Lights in the Night".

The album is expanded with 4 numbers selected from the three subsequent albums. All easily as strong as the album itself and thus help making this a great bargain. Finally, the single mix of "Media Man" included.

A slight disappointment, however, is that, as far as I can hear, no remastering of the tracks has been done, so sonically it can not compare with the Repertoire reissue of the first album or collection "Ayla", also released on Repertoire in 2005.

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