Life For Rent - Arista 2003

Tracks: Tracks: 1. White Flag / 2. Stoned / 3. Life For Rent / 4. Maryís in India / 5. See You When Youíre 40 / 6. Donít Leave Home / 7. Who Makes You Feel / 8. Sand In My Shoes / 9. Do You Have a Little Time / 10. This Land is Mine / 11. See the Sun / 12. The Closer You Get


"Dido's second album contains no less than 4 big radio hits ( "White Flag", "Life For Rent", "Don't Leave Home" and "Sand in My Shoes" ) and at least one or two more are potential hit singles. Dido has a voice than can easily be distinguised from the majority of the female pop-singers of today. ( a little Dusty Springfield and a little Suzanne Vega ). Most of her songs have catchy hooks and moving lyrics.

There are simply so many great songs on this album that it even surpasses her much-acclaimed first album "No Angel"; well that was was I used to think. Now I realize that this isn't really possible. "No Angel" is a masterpiece; "Life For Rent" is "just" an extraordinary great album!

My favourites here are, "White Flag", "Life For Rent", "Mary's in India", "Don't Leave Home", "This Land is Mine" and "See the Sun" - Don't miss the hidden track "Closer"!

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