Life - Stockholm Records, 1995

Tracks: 1. Carnival / 2. Daddy's Car / 3. Fine / 4. Rise And Shine / 5. Our Space / 6. Celia Inside / 7. Over The Water / 8. Tomorrow / 9. Sick And Tired / 10. Beautiful One / 11. Gordon's Gardenparty / 12. Hey! Get Out Of My Way / 13. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / 14. Happy Meal *


If you are only familar with Cardigans´ recent albums, this 1995 release is likely to surprise you quite a lot. There is a lot of inspiration taken from pop-music of the 1940´s. Nina Persson´s voice does not not have the warmth that can be heard on their two recent albums, and she sings many of these songs with a “jazzy” approach.

Unfortunately I wasn´t aware that the album could also be found with 5 bonus tracks, so my version ends with “Closing Time” and a short hidden track; probably called “Life”.

The music is mostly a lot of fun; some tracks with unusual 5-beat rhythms. My favourites are the catchy “Daddy´s Car”, which is one of the more straight pop-rock tunes, and the lullaby type song “Beautiful One”.

The campy “Closing Time” with is slightly chaotic ending is also a favourite.

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