The Divine Comedy

Liberastion - Setanta 1993

Tracks: 1. Festive Road / 2. Death of a Supernaturalist / 3. Bernice Bobs Her Hair / 4. I Was Born Yesterday / 5 . Your Daddy's Car / 6. Europop / 7. Timewatching / 8. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count / 9. Queen of the South / 10. Victoria Falls / 11. Three Sisters / 12. Europe by Train / 13. Lucy


"Liberation" was for me a great positive surprise - much stronger than I had dared hope for. It is the second album in the line of Divine Comedy releases, but since the debut "Fanfare for the Comic Muse" from 1990 in many ways is a little out of category, we are actually talking about the first album in the familiar approach from Neil Hannon / The Divine Comedy. Musically the album draws on many different genres - not least the classical music with fine strings arrangements. On the lyrical area, there are several references to world literature, and a lot of irony and humor. The album was produced by Hannon in collaboration with Darren Allison and soundwise the album fully lives up to, the following more well-known releases.

Many songs are really catchy and it's altogether a very charming album, which musically changes from a brit-pop approach, the experimental (eg "Europe by Train") and the classically inspired tracks. For me it is definitely the first category that matters, and these songs are fortunately in majority.

"Bernice Bobs Her Hair", "Your Daddy's Car", "Europop", "The Pop Singer's Fear of Pollen Count", "Three Sisters" and "Lucy" are all Divine Comedy pop at its best - not " just "pop. I would not hesitate to call "Liberation" one of the most complete albums from Hannon which says quite a lot.

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