Francoise Hardy

Le premier bonheur du jour - Vogue 1963

Tracks: 1. Avant de t'en aller / 2. Comme tant d'autres / 3. J'aurais voulu / 4. L'amour d'un garcon / 5. L'amour ne dure pas toujours / 6. Le premier bonheur du jour / 7. Le sais-tu / 8. Nous tous / 9. On dit de lui / 10. Saurai-je / 11. Toi je ne t'oublierai pas / 12. Va pas prendre un tambour


On Hardy's second album Marcel Hendrix was brought in as arranger and producer which maybe helped giving the album a broader and more international appeal.

Hardy still wrote the majority of the songs, though this time more outside songwriters were brought in. Some of the strongest songs were actually covers, such as the title-track "Le premier bonheur du jour" (Renard/Rerald), "Avant de t'en aller" (Anka) and "L'amour d'un garcon" (Bacharach/David).

On the other hand Hardy still shows her great song-writing abilities on great songs such as "J'aurais voulu", "Sarai-je" and "Nous tous". The outstanding track, though, is the excellent title-track.

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