Buffalo Springfield

Last Time Around - AM Records 1969

Tracks: 1. On the Way Home / 2. Its So Hard To Wait / 3. Pretty Girl Why / 4. Four Days Gone / 5. Carefree Country Day / 6. Special Care / 7. The Hour Of Not Quite Rain / 8. Questions / 9. I Am A Child / 10. Merry-Go-Round / 11. Uno Mundo / 12. Kind Woman


Buffalo Springfield´s last album is a somewhat uneven affair. Neil Young was out of the band before the album was finished, and he only contributes 2 and a half songs. Vocally he is only audible on the fine country-styled “I Am a Child”. Young´s opening track ( sung by Furay?) “On the Way Home” is another highlight.

With Young out, it was up to Steven Stills and Richie Furay to come up with new material. Stills is a fine songwriter, but some of his songs here sound a little uninspired. The light “Pretty Girl Why” is a pleasant classical Buffalo Springfield song. “Special Care” ( the “heaviest” track on the album and “Questions” are both great recordings.

Richie Furay has penned two fine ( and two weak ) songs for the album. The catchy “Merry-Go-Round” is a fine song that may have had hit-potentials. His closing track “Kind Woman” is a strong country ballad - actually there is also a lot of “soul” in the song, and I would have loved to hear Otis Redding do a version.

The rest of the album is more or less throwaways. One is almost unlistenable ( the sirupy “The Hour of not Quite Rain”)

With at least 6 strong tracks this is a must have for any fan of Stills and Young.

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