Little Feat

Last Record Album - Warner Brothers 1975

Tracks: 1. Romance Dance / 2. All That You Dream / 3. Long Distance Love / 4. Day or Night / 5. One Love Stand / 6. Down Below the Borderline / 7. Somebody's Leavin' / 8. Mercenary Territory / 9. Bonus Announcement / 10. Don't Bogart That Joint / 11. Apolitical Blues


The sound and style of Little Feat gradually changed during their early Lowell George years from southern blues-rock towards the refined funky jazzy sound that the band has been known for in recent years.

Their most radical change probably happened with the release this album, which at a point obviously was thought to be their last. Its predecessor was "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" ,their roughest sounding album, with Lowell George's vocals and slideguitar as the most dominating elements.

Here the sound is polished and George isn't the dominant figure he used to be. It's a very homogeneous album with few obvious stand-out tracks. Keyboards and synthesizers are pretting dominating throughout the album and acoustic guitars are apparently totally absent.

George was unquestionably their most important songwriter (member), but here he only contributes three songs of which only "Long Distance Love" and "Mercenary Territory" are up to his usual high standards. Surprisingly Paul Barrére's "All That You Dream" is probably the most catchy track on the album.

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