Francoise Hardy

Le premier bonheur du jour - Vogue 1963

Tracks: Ce n'est pas un rêve / 2. Ce petit cœur / 3. Dis-lui non / 4. En t'attendant / 5. Il se fait tard / 6. Je pensais / 7. Je t'aime / 8. L'amitié / 9. Le temps des souvenirs / 10. Quel mal y a-t-il à ça / 11. Tout ce qu'on dit / 12. Tu peux bien


Englishman Charles Blackwell produced and arranged Francoise Hardy’s fourth album “L’amiete” from 1965. A few arrangements are not unlike those on the early Dusty Springfield, with quite heavy orchestration. Generally there is nice variation in arrangements, which were quite modern for the time, with acoustic guitars and even distorted el-guitars on a few tracks.

Hardy wrote nine of the songs herself, which is no surprise since she’d so far always written the majority of her songs so far. Blackwell wrote two songs, “Non ce n’est pas un reve” and “Le temps de souvenirs” which are both quite nice. The most memorable songs are found among Hardy’s own, though.

“Ce petit coeur” sound like a hit, and the tastefully arranged ballads “Je Pensais” and “Tu peux bien” are other higlights. Also the upbeat Quel mal Y’a-lt-il A Ca” is a favourite.

The great title-track which was written by Bourgeois and Riviere has a nice 12-string guitar, which I assume was played by Hardy herself.

A great album, with no weak tracks.

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