Francoise Hardy

La Maison ou J'ai Grandi - Vogue 1966

Tracks: 1. Comme / 2. Il est des choses / 3. Je changerais d'avis / 4. Je serais la pour toi / 5. La Maison ou J'ai Grandi / 6. la fin de l'ete / 7. Peut-etre que je t'aime / 8. Qu'ils sont heureux / 9. Rendez vous d'automne / 10. Surtout ne vous retournez pas / 12 Tu est un peu ŕ moi / 13. Je ne suis la pour personne

Comments: The title track of this album was one of Hardy’s biggest international hits, and one of the few singles that Hardy did not write herself. In fact, it is an Italian song, which has been given new French lyrics.

Charles Blackwell was still arranger and producer for Hardy, and this album could perhaps be seen as the final chapter of Hardy’s early career as a pop-singer. The following albums showed a more mature Hardy, who gradually took distance to her image as a pure pop singer.

The album has as usual a lot of great songs, among which most were written by Hardy herself. Some of the most significant song were this time written by outside composers such as the title track, the exquisite “Rendez vous d’automne” (Bourgeois/Riviere) and “Je changerais d’avis” (Morricone/De Chiara).

Many of Hardy’s own songs are obviosly great too - favourites are “Si c’est ca”, “Peut-etre que Je t’aime” and “Comme”

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