Steely Dan

Katy Lied - ABC Records 1975

Tracks: 1. Black Friday / 2. Bad Sneakers / 3. Rose Darling / 4. Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More / 5. Doctor Wu / 6. Everyone's Gone To The Movies / 7. Your Gold Teeth II / 8. Chain Lightning / 9. Any World (That I'm Welcome To) / 10. Throw Back The Little Ones


"Katy Lied" is one of Steely Dan's great classic albums ( OK, they all are!) from when they were still a real band, and not "just" the Becker/Fagen duo.

The Becker/Fagen aim for perfection is very much apparent here. Great production and playing. Inspired songwriting and dark thought-provoking lyrics.

Most tracks are incredible catchy and melodic; especially "Rose Darling" and "Everyone's Gone to the Movies" are likely to "hit" you the first time you here them.

The opening track "Black Friday" is a surprisingly heavy track ( for Dan!!) that sets the scene right from the very beginning. Like always there is a great variation in rhytmths and styles, but this is never a problem because everything is done with great artistic skill.

My first version of the album had a slightly "woolen" sound, but on the 1999 re-mastered version the sound is perfect.

A 1975 classic with catchy standouts:"Rose Darling" and "Everyone's Gone To The Movies"

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