The Electric Prunes

Just Good Old Rock & Roll - Reprise 1969

Tracks: 1. Sell / 2. 14 Year Old Funk / 3. Love Grows / 4. So Many People To Tell / 5. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers / 6. Giant Sunshore / 7. Violent Rose / 8. Thorjon / 9. Silver Passion Mine / 10. Tracks / 11. Sing To Me


This was the last album released in the name of The Electric Prunes before the reunion several years later. There are no members left from the first two classic albums "The Electric Prunes" and "Underground" from 1967. The style is also quite different. No more whimsical psychedelic, but more earthy and heavy blues / soul rock - a bit in the style of what Spooky Tooth and similar bands played around 1970.

Usually the album is not counted as anything special, and although it maylack truly memorable songs, it is on the other hand quite solid. The strongest track is probably bassist Brett Wade's slightly psychedelic "Silver Passion Mine" . The group did have ambitions to break through as a band that could stand on its own feet, which is testified by the fact that all songs are originals written by group members. Unfortunately they lacked the last bit that could separate them from countless similar bands, and the group never managed to repeat the commercial success of the first singles from 1966/67.

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